Interactive Heatmap

Enjoy using a heatmap as dynamic as your own website.

  • Clicks, moves, and scroll depth

    Instantly see what users did through multiple metrics

  • Watch the heatmap update in real time

    Switch pages, toggle dropdowns, open popups

  • Take a screenshot

    Save and share your heatmaps with others

Interactive Heatmap


Find out who your users are by segmenting from numerous different metrics.

  • Compare and segment different device types

    See how your website looks across screen sizes

  • Step back through date ranges

    View historical snapshots of your website

  • Save for later use

    Make segmentation available later for you and your team


Element Analytics

Watch how users interact with each individual part of your website.

  • See Stats

    Focus on an element’s rankings and counts

  • Play Recordings

    Catch what happened before and after the click

  • View Segmentation

    Analyze usage on a micro level

Element Analytics